In Grizzly's own words...
Why did I start Grizzly’s Beef Jerky?     Are you kidding me?     Have you tasted the beef jerky in the stores?     Man, I could shingle my roof with that stuff!     So, I decided to use my love of cooking to create a succulent jerky that my friends and family would love.     Now, it is my dream to share with you my delicious beef jerky that is cooked with a real wood fire and contains no nitrate preservatives.     Beef jerky the way it was meant to be!     I guarantee you will enjoy it!     Grizzly
Grizzly's Beef Jerky is not just another beef jerky!   Grizzly's Beef Jerky is a succulent, savory and a satisfying eating experience.   Our tender, whole beef slices are first seasoned to perfection, and then smoked with a real wood fire... not just processed with some commercial liquid smoke.   Grizzly's Beef Jerky is made with all natural ingredients and absolutely NO NITRATES what-so-ever.   Trust me... this is not your father's beef jerky!   We, here, at Grizzly's Beef Jerky want happy carnivores, er... customers.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!   And remember, we put the jerk in Jerky!   Grizzly
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